A Solid Foundation

The first band I can recall liking of my own accord was Madness, I knew nothing of “Ska” “Two-Tone” or the “Second Wave” it just sounded funny to me and made me want to move, I mean it kinda sounds similar to Play School music, that bouncy carnivalesque beat,
its impossible to not move side to side.
The 1982 single “House of fun” was a number one hit in the UK, I remember seeing the film clip for it on Top of the Pops, the vision was equally as crazy as the sound,
guys dressed as old ladies, fairground rides, mad scientists and lots of kids jumping round, it was infectious.
Top of the Pops was a TV show that I would often watch with my Dad, Thursday evenings I was allowed to stay up a little later to see all the latest bands perform “live” on TV
Dad would tell me that they were miming, I wouldn’t believe him saying something like “Look you can see the drummer hitting the drums” it was kind of devastating to find out that he was actually right, still many a good evening were had watching that show.
Good morning miss
Can I help you son?
Sixteen today
And up for fun
I'm a big boy now
Or so they say
So if you'll serve
I'll be on my way
It was years before I knew the true meaning of these lyrics.