Early Beginnings

My earliest memory of discovering punk was finding “never mind the bollocks” in my fathers vinyl collection, maybe it was the bright yellow and pink colours that initially attracted the ten year old me, but picking it up and reading those two words “Sex Pistols” I had never seen those two words written together or in such a large font, I knew this was something that was going against the norm, I could feel the attitude that went along with it and I wanted to be a part of it.
Growing up in the United Kingdom in the early 80s, my days were spent probably much the same as any other kid, climbing trees, riding my beloved BMX bike as far as I could in a day before the sun went down and listening to music at home.
My dad was a lover of rock music and played bass in a band in his college days. His tastes varied from AC/DC to REO Speedwagon, The Police to Tina Turner, his favourite band by far was Queen, he had all their studio and live albums and would play them on his top of the line component Hi-Fi system, The stack of amplifiers, turntable and twin tape deck would sit in the corner of our family room, it had so many buttons and switches on it, the 30 band graphic eq would dance a beautiful curve of oranges and reds, that thing must of cost a months wages!
We would listen to Queens Live at Wembley stadium, the first chords “One Vision” ripping through the speakers, Brian mays guitar sounded so alive! I think way before I ever picked up a guitar I was in love with the sound of it. Dad would tell me little bits of info about each member and how all their parts were integral to the song, it wasn’t just the front man or lead guitarist who made the song.
“One flesh, one bone, one true religion
One voice, one hope, one real decision"
I still get goosebumps to this day when I hear that song.