PRD Q&A Vol 1. Jon Snodgrass

This is the first in hopefully a regular series of interviews/QA sessions with some famous PRDs.
A few weeks I caught up with Jon Snodgrass via email and he was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.
• How old were you when you became a dad? Were you a professional musician by then?
I was 39 & yes.
• How many children do you have? How old?
TWO 5yr old boy Hopper RocketFromTheCrypt Snodgrass & 8yr girl Tanner Lee Snodgrass
• Do they see you as a "cool" dad? Are they in to the same music?
They think of me as the 3rd kid.
• You recently released an EP from lockdown, sounds like it was heavily influenced by your kids and parenthood. My personal favourite is Failure to Lunch - a tale we can all relate to! Can you tell us a little about it?
I had that idea long time ago. Just a silly pun really. But a very true situation. We’re doing our best to help them eat right. We could be doing worse. Hopper wants to be a vegetarian & we just ran outta meat, so I’m gonna try that with him. However, he loves bacon & ive not broken the news to him yet what bacon is.
• What's you proudest moment as a dad?
Hopper riding his bike to kindergarten & me hearing him sing AC/DC at the top of his lungs. “ridin’ on the highway, goin’ to a show...”
• Do you wish you'd done anything differently?
Maybe be more strict. I dunno. Hard to say. I don’t wanna be a dick or a pushover.
• What's your one top "dad to dad" tip/piece of advice?
Just try your best to be a good example.
• What was the best show you performed in?
A show in MANCHESTER one time. My ALL time fav!! I just asked for requests, like I often do & I knew every one that was asked & it just flowed. Very comfortable.
• And the worst?
Armchair Martian opening for the DESCENDENTS at FIRST AVE in 1997 Everything went wrong. Long Story. But, my fault for sure. I overheard someone say, “I thought Armchair Martian was supposed to be good.” Super Bummer. whoops. The next night in Chicago at The FireSide Bowl in front of 50 people we were on fire.
• Tell us a standout memory from being a professional musician.
GROEZROCK was fun! Playing your songs in front of 3000 people and hearing folks sing back is quite an honor.
• You're well know for both you solo work and your collaborations. We're all itching to know a little bit about your co-writers. Could you tell us a fact or story about Frank Turner, Joey Cape, Chad Price, Cory Branan and/or Tony Sly?
FRANK Im talking to him tomorrow about something you’ll hear about, that I’m proud about & you’ll probly enjoy someday. JOEY He helped me w/ something recently. CHAD We agreed that we’d maybe do DTR in 2025. we’ll at least check in around then. 50/50. CORY He played the twinkly stuff on that song “FAILURE TO LUNCH” that you like. TONY I think he got his great humor from his folks. a cross between California Dude Comedy & UK dry wit. 2 faves of mine. & 1 great combo, imo.
• Finally, what song has got you through a tough time?
Take Me Out To The Ballgame. I’m currently watching Korean Baseball, btw.
We have a few professional PRDs in the group and I'm trying to get some interviews with them but time is not on my side at the mo. Keep tuned in and we'll get more to you soon as!