PRD Q&A Vol 2. Chris Dalley

Q+A #2

A week or so ago I caught up with drummer for Implants, Pulley, Authority Zero and most important one of our own, PRD Chris Dalley.

He answered some questions for us.

1. How old were you when you became a Dad? Where you a professional musician before?

I was 35 when I became a stepfather, 39 when I became a father. I had been a professional musician for 14 years when I became a stepfather.

2. How many kids do you have? How old?

I have two stepsons 9 and 12 and my son just turned 2z

3. What do they make of your profession?

They love it, though they do miss me when I’m gone longer than 2 weeks. I’m not your ordinary dad, so a lot of their friends kind of freak out when they tell their friends what I do.

4. How long have you been making a living from punk rock? What was your first band?

I’ve been living off being a punk rock musician since 2004 when I joined a Ten Foot Pole.

5. How much of a commitment were you able to give to punk rock before fatherhood and how has being a Dad changed that? How do you balance home life, studio time and touring?

I was able to give a ton of time and while being a father hasn’t really changed my touring schedule, it’s easier with FaceTime and social media to be close to them on a daily basis. We don’t do one tour after another anymore, so that helps stabilize home life and tour life.

6. What have you been working on during lockdown? We saw the Authority Zero stream but have you had any new material in the works?

Practicing on my electric drum kit and spending quality time with my family. We are sending ideas back and forth through email and Dropbox.

7. How about Pulley? Whats happening there?

We have 4 new songs written and we are just gonna keep writing till we have a good solid record

8. What has been the best show you're performed in? And the worst?

Best show was between Authority Zero at Punk Rock Holiday 2016 and Pulley at Tsunami Xixon in 2019. Worst would have to be Pulley at Punk Rock Holiday last year.

9. Do you have any recommendations or tips on fatherhood?

The key thing I have learned from being a father is patience. With patience comes learning and appreciating what your kids can or can’t do. With experience comes positive results to nurture your kids and their growth.

10. How have you found the group so far? Any highlights?

I love seeing parents and watching their kids accomplishments. It inspires me as a father to see what parents do and how their methods of teaching kids to my own. It’s a unique bond between people, especially coming from punk rock.

11. Desert Island Disc time! You've been reviewing your top ten albums by year throughout lockdown but what Eight songs, one book and one luxury would you take to the desert island?

To Kill A Mockingbird for my book

My family is my luxury.

My eight songs:
Pennywise-The Secret
7 Seconds-Trust
Strung Out-Firecracker
Bad Religion-Walk Away
Good Riddance-No Safe Place
The Clash-Straight To Hell
Face To Face-You’ve Got A Problem