Punk Rock Dads Inception

Punk Rock dads was created as a outlet for me feeling isolated and lost in life.

I had recently moved my family interstate, left my friends, support circle and a really great job behind, I was really questioning my life choices. 

I decided to write an honest post about how I was feeling and that how the lyrics to a punk rock song helped me get through the tough time.

I started a Facebook group, posted it to the page and sent invites out to some of the guys in my friends list.

honestly thought if a handful of my friends liked it that would be a success, my goal for the group was to get 50 like-minded members from around the world.

The next morning I check my phone and can't believe it, 250 member requests and more comments on my post than I've ever had!

I instantly felt a connection to a community, a community that resonated with the way that I feel, a community of like-minded brothers that would stand up for one another and offer support to a complete stranger because of the love of a common style of music.

Punk Rock has changed my life.