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What song has gotten you through a tough time? The past 12 months have been especially hard for me. I moved interstate, quit a great job that I loved, left all my friends and family behind...all in the search for greener pastures. Well you know what they say about that right? So after a few weeks my “new life” wasn’t looking so green, a job I hated in a place that wasn’t that great, no friends, no family, no support circle. The walls started closing in, total isolation...Depression was definitely knocking on my door. I was listening to Mass Nerder by ALL one day and the lyrics to “I’ll get there” were really singing to me. “Whatever happened to all my plans? All the fun I was supposed to have? Where did I go wrong? It passed me by. I let it slip away by working all the time, burning out my mind, wasting precious life”. This is just how I felt, totally down on the move, second guessing everything, I was grumpy and withdrawn at home, arguing with my wife for no real reason, that’s where the second verse rang true. “I let love walk out the door, cause I don't know how to have any fun. I pushed love out the door cause I'm never at ease with anyone” But then the chorus made me feel like there was hope, stick it out, make positive changes... “It's still summer somewhere and I think I better go there this could be my last chance for me to change my life it's still summer somewhere and I really need to go there it's still summer somewhere and I'll get there” “I’ll get there!” It kept going round and round in my head till I started to believe it. Day by day making small changes I’m getting there. It’s pretty powerful that a song from 20+ years ago can pop into your head and help pull you out of a dark place. Please comment if you can relate to this. Or share a post of a song that has helped you through a tough situation.


Head over to the Group page for the first of Hopefully many interviews with guys who make the music that we love. Vol 1 is with Jon Snodgrass from Drag The River, Armchair Martian and more. Big thanks to Chris Russell for putting in the work on this.

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